2016-2017 Shaw, Tower Grove South, and Southwest Garden Community Resource Guide and Directory Coming Your Way!

community-resource-guide-front-cover It is finally here! Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation (TGNCDC) in partnership with STL Programs created an all-new community resource guide and directory for the residents of Shaw, Southwest Garden, and Tower Grove neighborhoods. The 80-page resource guide includes a comprehensive list maps, neighborhood association information, social services, local events, housing and historic district information, history and much more. According to Jeff Fister, President of STL Programs, this guide/directory will be the most comprehensive community resource guide ever made available to residents up to this time. Hardcopies have been published and are being distributed to over 28,000 residents on their doorstep throughout the Tower Grove Neighborhoods right now!

This initiative was founded on the principles outlined in TGNCDC’s coalition building goal to advance the Framework and Vision Plan, build awareness, and inform the public of resources available just minutes from their home. Due to the fact that information is scattered throughout the internet and not everyone is able to access that information nor has the time, TGNCDC sought to conduct comprehensive research on all the community resources available and locate them in one place that is available in the most accessible way.  Throughout the process, TGNCDC reached out to neighborhood organizations, institutions, and individuals serving the neighborhoods to get a better understanding of what services are already available and to determine any gaps and community needs. Thanks to their collaboration and dedication to their neighborhoods, TGNCDC is able to continue to support resident services throughout Tower Grove Neighborhoods.

In an effort to engage the community even more, TGNCDC created a Front Cover Photo Contest where residents, employees, and business owners had the opportunity to get their photo on the front cover of the 2016-2017 Community Resource Guide and Directory. The photo contest was judged by TGNCDC committee members and the winner was Stefanie Hammond! Congratulations!

The continued effort by residents, organizations, institutions, and TGNCDC to provide support for community resources and services is a testament to the growing strength of the neighborhood and bonds throughout the community.

Thank you for all those who contributed to this effort and the continued overwhelming support of our neighbors and throughout our community.

For more information on this or other Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC activities, visit our website: towergrovecdc.org or call 314-865-5530.

Here is the online version!!


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