Brightside Saint Louis comes to Shaw and surrounding neighborhoods this weekend April 14-15

Please get out and help our neighborhood SHINE!

From the Operation Brightside flyer:

Team up to clean up St. Louis!

Project Blitz, Brightside’s annual campaign toclean up city neighborhoods, is a great time to join your neighbors to clean up the streets, alleys and vacant lots in the city.

You supply the energy.

Brightside can supply the tools and trash bags. The City will collect the trash. Trash collection begins at 6:00 a.m. on Monday following your Blitz clean-up weekend. Ensure your block gets the supplies it needs for a successful clean up. Sign up today to be Captain of your block Brightside also has flowers available for planting on public property. Flowers must be requested by the Brightside Captain on your block.

Don’t have a Captain on your block? Call Brightside at 772-4646 to learn how you can sign up or email