Freak Storm Means New Roofs In Shaw

Over Memorial Day weekend 2011, a small but powerful hail storm cut through the Shaw neighborhood.  If you live in Shaw and were around during the storm, you certainly remember it. Hail storms can do damage to all types of roofs (slate, tile, composite shingle and modified flat roofs) and may not be noticeable to an untrained eye.   From my vantage point, 30 feet below, my roof looked fine.  Then I noticed a small patch off shingles missing and a small water leak on my third floor.  I called in a claim.  The adjuster checked the roof and found significant damage.  The insurance company will replace my entire roof including my gutters.  I shared my story with a few neighbors and they had the same result.  If you live in Shaw, you may consider having a roofing company check you roof for hail damage or submit a claim and have a insurance adjuster take a look.  If you go to sell your home and the inspection finds hail damage, you will be responsible for the repairs if the statute of limitations has expired.