Garcia Properties, In Partnership With SNHC, Completes Renovation of 4063 Castleman

Over 18 months ago 4063 Castleman was a vacant and abandoned building.  After many months of negotiating  with Frontenac Bank, the property was purchased by SNHC.  SNHC then selected Garcia Properties to redevelop the former two family into a single family home.  Garcia Properties had previous success in Shaw developing 4012 Shenandoah and 4059 Castleman, among others.  The home is about 2100 sq. ft.  The home boasts 3 bedrooms and 3.5 full baths.  The additional full bath is not typical for these types of renovations and will be a great additional selling feature.  The home was recently listed for $239,900.  It features an open floor plan and all the amenities one would desire (tiled baths, granite countertops, hardwood floors, open third floor master suite or game/family room, carport, custom trim work, tall ceilings and large windows, etc).   Garcia properties, along with many other developers, have rehabilitated 5 vacant buildings into single family homes within the last 18 months (one is about to start) on this block of Castleman alone.  Excluding the 4100 block of Detonty, this was the last remaining block with several vacant properties in need of renovation. In addition to bringing a vacant building back to life, Garcia Properties donated $1,000 to SNHC to help bridge our $15000 funding gap for 2012.  SNHC and our Board thanks Garcia Properties for the donation and we look forward to working on projects together in the future.