Looking to Fund Home Improvement Projects in Shaw?

In addition to promoting housing development in Shaw, the Shaw Neighborhood Housing informs Shaw residents about local, state and federal programs which may help them and the rest of the neighborhood continue to prosper and succeed. One such program is Alderman Steve Conway’s "Forgivable Loan Home Repair Program." If you qualify, this program enables you to borrow up to $4,999 to make façade improvements or other improvements to address home code violations.

There are no monthly payments and, if you live in your home for more than five years, the entire balance is forgiven.

Below are the requirements:

1.  You own and live in your house.

2.  You've occupied your home for more than two years.

3.  Your home has no more than four units.

4.  Meet the income guidelines

            A.  Household Size of 1 - $38,300

            B.  Household Size of 2 - $43,750

            C.  Household Size of 3 - $49,200

            D.  Household Size of 4 - $54,650

            E.  Household up to 8 - $72,150

Please contact Zach Wilson at 865-5530 ext: 108 to apply or ask questions. His email is zach@grandoakhill.org.  Zach has also stated he will visit some neighbors to walk them through the application process.