Neighborhood Order of Protection Granted for Juniata Car-jacking Defendant.

Today 10 residents of Tower Grove South appeared in court to support the motion that a Neighborhood Order of Protection be placed against Rodney Lamar Jackson. Mr. Jackson is standing trail for the car-jacking and assault that took place in June on the 3700 block of Juniata. The neighborhood was also represented by a Neighborhood Impact Statement that was signed by over 50 residents and will remain in the defendants file throughout his trail. The show of solidarity from the residents of Tower Grove South played an important part in the positive outcome of today's hearing. "NEIGHBORHOOD ORDER OF PROTECTION. DEFENDANT IS HEREBY ORDERED AS A CONDITION OF BOND TO STAY AWAY FROM THE TOWER KGROVE SOUTH NEIGHBORHOOD. THIS NEIGHBORHOOD IS BORDERED ON THE EAST BY GRAND BOULEVARD, ON THE SOUTH BY CHIPPEWA STREET, ON THE WEST BY KINGSHIGHWAY BOULEVARD AND NORTH BY ARSENAL STREET. SO ORDERED: JUDGE THERESA COUNTS BURKE #36965"

Congratulations TGS!