New Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC to Focus on Development of Three St. Louis Neighborhoods


Media Contact: Sean Spencer Executive Director Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC (314) 583-9436

New Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC to Focus on Development of Three St. Louis Neighborhoods.

In an innovative approach to neighborhood revitalization, three South St. Louis organizations-- have combined operations to form Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation (TGNCDC). TGNCDC will focus on housing development and community improvements in the Shaw, Southwest Garden, and Tower Grove South neighborhoods, serving a combined population of 25,000 residents in nearly 12,000 households. It replaces the former Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation, Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation and Southwest Neighborhood Housing Corporation.

“The merger signifies a major strategy change with regard to community development in the City of St. Louis. For the first time, we are crossing borders and working together to leverage resources and increase service levels,” says Alderman Steve Conway. “We are extremely proud of this collaboration as well as the new CDC, and look forward to the great things it will bring to bear for our communities and residents,” adds Alderwoman Jennifer Florida.

TGNCDC will partner with stake holders to implement programs targeting crime prevention, revitalization of commercial properties/Better Block program, neighborhood beautification, energy conservation and landlord training.

Other TGNCDC initiatives will focus on real estate development of low to moderate income housing and commercial development.

TGNCDC activities will also support the resolution of nuisance property issues, reactivation of vacant or abandoned properties and the redevelopment of city-owned properties.

In addition, TGNCDC will create a Neighborhood Resource Center to provide information on real estate opportunities, tax credit, tax abatement and other incentive programs.

TGNCDC is funded partially by the HUD’s Community Block Grant Program grant as well as real estate income, tenant screening services income and private donations. Leadership and staffing of the new CDC brings more than 25 years of community development experience to work for the neighborhoods it represents.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to serve three of St. Louis’ most diverse neighborhoods, and are committed to enhancing quality of life for all our residents.,” says Sean Spencer, Executive Director. By combining the resources of three already successful community groups, the new CDC is now positioned for maximum impact. We can accomplish so much more than we would have been able to individually,” adds Tom Sweeney, President.”

The Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible development, affordable housing, diverse character and vibrancy in the Shaw, Tower Grove South and Southwest Garden neighborhoods of St. Louis. ###

This activity is funded by a HUD Community Development Block Grant via the St. Louis Community Development Administration.