Small Business Owner, David Dresner, Under Contract To Purchase and Renovate 4168 Juniata, Former Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation

4168 Juniata

After almost a year on the market, Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC (TGNCDC) has located a qualified buyer for the former location of the Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation.  Through the Framework and Vision Planning process, TGNCDC learned that economic development including attracting small businesses to the service area and supporting the growth of small businesses was a priority of residents.

The buyer, David Dresner, has grand plans for the building.  He intends to run two small businesses in the space. One business, Sleeve-a Message (, employs some residents of Tower Grove South. He also plans to lease out additional space to other businesses and convert some spaces into residential.  One business custom prints sleeves for coffee cups, like the ones found at Hartford Coffee.  The second business is a small cafe/production center for gourmet pot-stickers (  Yes, gourmet pot-stickers. He is pursuing a liquor license for the business.  David has also mentioned ice cream, spin classes and other ideas for the space.  He has promised to work with neighbors as his final plan for the space develops.

The TGNCDC real estate committee was impressed with his enthusiasm, commitment to bringing the building up to code and improving it for years of continued service to the community.  TGNCDC is financially unable to continue holding and maintaining the building going forward.  David has the financial capacity to complete the work and he plans to allow the residents of Tower Grove South to continue to use the space as a meeting location (as his business allows). David is in the process of contacting residents in the immediate area and on surrounding blocks.  The closing is scheduled for early August.

There is a public zoning hearing on June 17 at 1:30PM at City Hall.

1200 Market Street (City Hall)
Room 208 (Second Floor)
St. Louis, MO 63103

You can also submit comments of the proposal to

LaDonna Foster Board of Adjustment Secretary and Administrative Assistant
(314) 622-3666
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