SNHC Impacts Shaw Blvd Through the Shaw Blvd Improvement Action Plan

Over the last several months, SNHC, with leadership from the Shaw Blvd Improvement Advisory Board and support from Shaw Nieghborhood Improvement Association, has worked hard to improve Shaw Blvd as the “gateway” to the Shaw neighborhood. SNHC has sent over 200 letters to every property owner (owner occupants and investors) on Shaw Blvd to provide information about the Shaw Blvd Improvement Action Plan, SNHC services and Shaw real estate market information. The letters have generated many new relationships with property owners and in one case, SNHC was able to help a home owner, who was in foreclosure and days away from losing her home, sell her home quickly. The homeowner stated, “I already owe you big time for opening the doors into selling my house, so I will just add on to that debt when I know the bank has been paid for the property. I'm saying "Thank you" for now and it seems so small even though I'm saying it from the bottom of my heart!”

In addition, SNHC has completed an inventory of vacant and abandoned buildings and buildings in disrepair. We are actively working with property owners to address the need for repairs and to track down absentee owners. SNHC has sent letters to home owners in need of repairs and promoted the forgivable home loan program administered by Grand Oak Hill Community Development Corporation. The program allows for $4,999 worth of repairs for homeowners who meet income guidelines. Please contact SNHC for more information.

Foreclosure EducationOn May 16th, 2013 SNHC hosted a Foreclosure Education Seminar, sponsored by Commerce Bank and presented by Beyond Housing. Letters were sent to all homeowners in Shaw who were going through any stage of foreclosure, leaflets were hand delivered to homes on Shaw Blvd to help spread the word, and area churches were contacted for additional outreach. Over 40 people attended and the information was well received. Community leaders, educators, Shaw residents, developers and business owners attended.

SNHC has facilitated the façade grant program to improve the Regal 3 storefront. The store will be renamed “Shaw Market.” New windows, new lighting, and new painting is complete. New doors, new awnings, new concrete patio/sidewalks will be completed soon. The project should be completed in 6-8 weeks.

Monte Abbott, from SNIA, has agreed to help lead the effort to improve Shaw Blvd through a Shaw Blvd community beautification effort. He is planning a community forum in January 2014 to set the stage for improvements starting next Spring. You’ll hear more in the coming months. We look forward to helping residents connect to their neighbors while improving the appearance of properties on Shaw Blvd. Alderman Conway is working on new tree planting to fill in vacant areas along Shaw Blvd.

There are multiple housing developments under construction on Shaw Blvd and many more to come. I will provide a development update strictly for Shaw Blvd in the coming weeks. Thank you.

Sean Spencer Executive Director Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation (314) 583-9436