TGNCDC Completes Remediation Testing at 4175 Shaw and Prepares for Clean Up/Redevelopment

Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation is actively working to develop properties and facilitate development in Southwest Garden, Shaw, and Tower Grove South neighborhoods.  4175 Shaw is one example of how Community Development Corporations like TGNCDC can actively participate in the redevelopment of long vacant and highly visible locations which, when passed by people without knowledge of our neighborhoods, reflect negatively on our area as a place to live and work. 4175 Shaw

TGNCDC has tracked 4175 Shaw for over 3 years. We worked closely with Land Reutilization Authority (LRA), St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) and Alderman Conway to evaluate the challenges of the site, potential solutions and the best way to gain site control.   TGNCDC completed a Shaw inventory in 2010 and targeted the property for purchase.  4175 was purchased at tax sale in August 2013.  Through the Department of Natural Resources, TGNCDC, as a not for profit,  was able to secure FREE phase 1 and Phase 2 reports to determine the level of clean up needed. Meanwhile, SLDC gave us confidence they would help with our remediation efforts.  At this point, we are working on funding to complete the clean up.  We hope to have the building and site ready for redevelopment in 9-12 months.  TGNCDC, with input from SNIA (Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association), plan to find a neighborhood based business to help continue to build a walk friendly, bike friendly community that attracts people from near and far.  Please help us spread the word on this development opportunity.