TGNCDC Helps Train 30 for Resident Driven Neighborhood Ownership Model Plan

Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation was awarded a grant from the Saint Louis City Community Development Administration (funded by HUD) to implement a Neighborhood Ownership Model (NOM)Plan.  The objective is to positively impact crime and safety in the Tower Grove South neighborhood.  Since the inception of the program in January 2014, crime surveys and interviews have been completed.  And three public meetings and multiple training seminars have taken place.  Input from residents and business owners,  police, circuit attorney's office, Alderwoman Florida,  have been collected and analyzed.  A safety assessment is in the works and a NOM plan will be completed shortly after. COPS Training

Last night, 30 residents of the area were trained to become Citizens on Patrol (COPS) to walk, drive and bike the the streets and alleys of Tower Grove South.   The goal of the program is to observe and report criminal activity and quality of life issues.  The premise of the program is the more eyes on the street, the safer your neighborhood will become.  The COPS program is a partnership between the St. Louis Police Dept and city services.  Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Judy Lane, Police Officer and Community NOM Liaison Ed Slade, NOM Police Sergeant Justin Johnson, a Circuit Attorney Office Representative and Alderwoman Jennifer Florida were in attendance and provided information to the participant volunteers.  TGNCDC is privileged to be part of the program.

In addition to COPS, Tower Grove CDC is working on  block captain, victim support, court advocacy and victim impact statement training and other volunteer opportunities related to the NOM.  Please contact Kristan Nickels at to volunteer and/or learn more about opportunities to help.

Please review the contact numbers below to report issues in your neighborhood.

•Suspicious/ Criminal Activity
–231-1212 (non-emergency)
•Quality of Life Issues
–Citizen Service Bureau (314) 622-4800
–Neighborhood Improvement Specialist
•Nuisance Behavior
–Problem Property Officer Dave Krapf (314) 444-0185