TGNCDC Sets Deadline of February 19 for Proposals to Redevelop 4175 Shaw

4175 Shaw Over 2 years ago, TGNCDC identified 4175 Shaw as an important, but underutilized, corner in need of reinvestment.  After tracking down multiple property owners and watching unpaid taxes increase year after year, TGNCDC purchased the property at tax sale in August 2013.  Over the last two years, the title on the property has been cleared and Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental reports have been completed.  The completion of the phase 2 report also included the removal of 6 underground petroleum storage tanks.  With help from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA), TGNCDC was awarded a $160,000 grant to complete more clean up at the site.  Last week, TGNCDC selected O6 Environmental to complete the work.  The work is planned to be underway in less than 60 days and completed in 4 months.

In anticipation of the "no further action" letter that will follow a successful clean up and allow TGNCDC to sell the property, TGNCDC is announced the release of the Request for Proposal for the redevelopment of the site.  You may download it at 4175 Shaw Blvd RFP 2015 .

Based on the the upcoming remediation work and interest in the property to date, TGNCDC is setting a hard deadline for all proposals for February 19th, 2016.  All proposals should be the highest and best offer.  We look forward to additional submissions.

Please find 4175 Shaw survey summary data at 4175 Shaw Survey Responses , Suggested uses for 4175 Shaw 4175 4175 Shaw Question Data



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