Tower Grove Park Access Improvements approved for funding

The grant proposal for Tower Grove Park Access Improvements has been approved for funding. Thank you to the City of St. Louis, East-West Gateway Council of Governments, Alderman Conway, Alderwoman Green, Alderman Vollmer, the individuals, and organizations that offered support for the Tower Grove Park Access Improvement proposal. Special thanks to John Kohler at BPS, Carrie Falkenrath and Jacque Lumsden at CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners. Public comments and letters of support are important, as they were noted in East-West Gateway’s Executive Advisory Committee Agenda, in January 2016. East-West Gateway received 417 public comments on thirteen projects from across the region. A total of twenty-nine proposals were submitted and just thirteen projects were recommended for funding through the federal  Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). 96 public comments were registered for the Tower Grove project, second only to the number of comments for Great Rivers Greenway – Grant’s Trail project. Additionally, 24 letters of support for the Tower Grove project were filed by area neighborhoods, business associations, schools, churches, and institutions.  You spoke, they listened!

The Tower Grove Park Access project will address needed improvements for pedestrian crossings, ADA ramps, and bus stops alongKingshiway-Reber-aerial-with-labels1 Arsenal-Morganford-Aerial-with-labels Magnolia-TGAve-Aerial-with-labels Arsenal, Kingshighway, Magnolia, and Center Cross Drive, with a total budget of $1,180,000. Federal dollars account for $944,000 and aldermanic capital improvement funds account for $236,000 (divided proportionately between the 8th, 10th, and 15th wards).

Designing and engineering for the project will occur in 2017 with construction in 2018.

Shown here are aerial views of Kingshighway / Reber Place, Arsenal / Morganford, Magnolia / Tower Grove Avenue; three of the intersections targeted for improvement by the Tower Grove Park Access Improvement project.

Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC staff will report on the progress of this project at upcoming neighborhood meetings.  Stay tuned!