UIC Presents 2nd Plan to Revitalize the 4100 Block of Detonty in Shaw

4100 Detonty NewAfter over 18 months of designing and marketing the Detonty Close project (16 for sale single family homes) without any success, UIC is changing course with a second plan for the 4100 block of Detonty in Shaw.  The new plan includes 2 multifamily buildings totaling 60 units of rental, 8 single family townhouses, and a 4 family historic renovation.  The design was presented at the SNIA neighborhood meeting Monday night and is a more traditional design than other work they've completed in the City.   UIC has committed to constructing 2 townhouses on speculation. UIC presented a bank financing commitment letter and hopes to break ground in December.  The total project cost is estimated to be up to 10 million dollars. Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC, with support from Alderman Conway, recently completed planting 100 trees on the embankment to help shield the property over time. Infrastructure improvements were also made to the I-44 underpass at Thurman Ave. to enhance the connection between Botanical Heights and Shaw.

As most long time residents know, the 4100 block of Detonty has been a challenging redevelopment opportunity, with many proposals but little work, for almost 20 years.  The UIC planned improvements to Detonty, the ongoing redevelopment efforts at 4175 Shaw/3901 Shaw and the streetscape enhancements on Shaw Blvd (new crosswalks, ADA accessible ramps, banners, landscaping and LED street lighting) will help make this section of the Shaw neighborhood more visually pleasing and more attractive for investment.

NextSTL has an informative article on the some of the history and the new Detonty project at http://nextstl.com/2015/11/long-vacant-detonty-site-gets-new-10m-uic-plan-december-groundbreaking/

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