"Vandegrove" Vision Creates Buzz for Near South City Neighborhoods

Big changes come from big ideas. Urban Improvement Company (UIC) has created a big idea with its urban planning vision for all or parts of Botanical Heights, Forest ParkSoutheast (The Grove), Shaw and Southwest Garden Neighborhoods. SNHC promotes the Shaw Neighborhood as a walkable, bikeable, livable neighborhood which separates us most suburban areas. UIC's plan helps us visualize the potential of connecting and integrating all of our area into a larger, better connected place where travel between neighborhoods, commercial districts and other parts of St. Louis is more seamless. It promotes more community gathering spaces, more amenities, and more residential/office space. Please read the article in the Post-Dispatch at http://www.stltoday.com/business/columns/building-blocks/vandegrove-plan-suggests-reworking-of-large-area/article_2aa7a44e-f094-11e1-b226-0019bb30f31a.html and you can view the plan at www.vandegrove.com .

The plan includes a new "high speed" round-about, new metro station/amphitheatre/train watching tower at Vandeventor and Tower Grove, drive-in movie theatre, new Taylor Avenue bridge, and improvements to Shaw Blvd and Thurman Avenue in the Shaw Neighborhood.  Last week, UIC completed the City Garden School (http://www.citygardenschool.org/) which will provide 350 children in our area with another fantastic education option.  City Garden is free of tuition and is ranked as one of the top charter schools in Missouri.