Four Major Shaw Neighborhood Redevelopment Projects Will Eliminate Decades of Blight

Over the last 5 years Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation (TGNCDC, formally Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corp) has worked closely with Alderman Conway, Community Development Administration, Saint Louis Development Corporation, Land Reutilization Authority (LRA), private owners and Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association (SNIA) to address the largest and most complicated redevelopment projects in the neighborhood.  We are excited to see all four progressing to completion. 3901 Shaw Salamah's Market

Salamah's Building (AKA Shaw Place Theater) (3901 Shaw/1819 Thurman)-  Alderman Conway lead the effort to acquire the necessary funds to buy the building from the previous owner.  The sale to the City of Saint Louis was completed two weeks ago.  The tenant will have some time to relocate then the property will be offered for redevelopment.  TGNCDC will work with the City of Saint Louis, Alderman Conway and SNIA to locate a developer who is ready, willing and able to complete the large project.  The building is 7500 sq. ft.  and the LRA owned properties behind the building could be considered for parking.   Below is more info on the history of the building:

The Shaw Theatre opened in 1915 as part of the Arthur Theatres chain (Franchon & Marco) and seated 1,140. Located in the Shaw neighborhood just six blocks from the Botanical Gardens. A single floor theatre with and plain front. Rather large lobby for a small neighborhood theatre.

Located right on the corner of Shaw Avenue and S. 39th Street in the middle of the neighborhood shopping center it was rather unique in that it was built up from the street level and you had to climb about five steps to get to the entrance level. The marquee was made to stretch around the corner so that one side was on S. 39th Street and the other on Shaw Avenue. The theatre gave way to television in 1957 and was converted to a drug store, today operating as a supermarket.

4066 Russell New

4066 Russell-  The property was owned by Community Development Administration (CDA) and was remediated then marketed with the help of  TGNCDC.  From responses to a request for proposal (RFP), CDA selected Bill and Maureen McCuen to develop the property into a single family residence.  The McCuen's also bought the long vacant and neglected adjacent property to develop into a neighborhood commercial.  The plan  is to open multiple small businesses including a cafe, yoga studio and message studio.  I noticed the surveyor at the property the other day and work should start in the coming months.

Download the brochure below:

DeTonty 2-page web brochure (1) Detonty CLose4100 Block of Detonty- The block has been vacant for almost 15 years.  Multiple developers have had the rights to develop the property without any success.  Recently, the property was sold to Urban Improvement Company (UIC). They have a tradition of success on the north side of highway 44 and are known for tackling the most difficult development opportunities.  They plan a new 16 home development. The homes will be constructed on 2 pedestrian courtyards, inspired by early 20th century courtyard developments in the surrounding neighborhoods. Homes will range in size from 2 to 4 bedrooms and have exciting options, such as live work units and roof terraces. To find what a Close is and plans and other detailed information, visit

If you are looking to downsize,  the new construction units have a first floor master option and will be managed by a Community Improvement District (CID) to take care of all the landscaping needs.  Check it out!

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4175 Shaw- The long vacant and abandoned gas station was purchased by TGNCDC at tax sale last year.  With assistance from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the 4 tanks on the site have been removed.  We're waiting on the soil sample information to determine the level of additional clean up necessary.  It appears there is soil impact which will result in some delays to redevelop the site.  Once the site is clean, TGNCDC will work with SNIA to determine the redevelopment plans.

If you have interest or questions related to any of the projects listed above, please contact me by email at  Please help us spread the word!

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