Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC Seeks Real Estate Developers

While the neighborhood visioning project is still being finalized, the goals for the Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation are slowly coming into focus. Residents, business owners and other stakeholders have provided invaluable feedback regarding specific areas of development opportunities in Tower Grove South, Shaw and Southwest Garden neighborhoods.  TGNCDC is working to compile lists of opportunities for developers to pursue.  We also want to provide market data and incentive information to help developers make sound business decisions.  We think a combined effort will result in better housing, more stable neighborhoods and a better quality of life. TGNCDC is looking for developers who are experienced, have the financial ability to complete projects, and who are interested in helping our organization meet our mission.   Our service area is over 3 sq. miles with over 28,000 residents.

If you are interested is working with our organization in the future, please contact Sean Spencer at  We would love to meet you to review your past projects (please have before and after pictures/budgets) and your goals for the future.  If you are new to developing or just interested in learning more, we would love to help you. Please contact us at your convenience.

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