Neighborhood Impact Statements and Court Advocacy programs proven successful in TGS

WP_20140423_003[1]On April 23rd residents of Tower Grove South gathered at the Grand Oak Hill Community Center to participate in the monthly TGS Neighborhood Ownership Model Meeting. This meeting not only focused on crime and safety in the neighborhood but gave the residents an opportunity to take a stand against crime.The St Louis Circuit Attorney's Office provided training on Neighborhood Impact Statements and Court Advocacy to all in attendance. For more information on these programs , please visit the CAO's website: In less than a month Tower Grove South residents have submitted 2 Neighborhood Impact Statements to judges sentencing crimes committed in the neighborhood. Residents also acted as Court Advocates during the sentencing trails, showing the judge that TGS residents will no longer tolerate crime in their area. The defendants in both cases received jail time for their crimes, instead of probation which they had both received previously. The St Louis Circuit Attorney's Office stated this was a victory for the neighborhood and that the judges were responsive to the lengths the residents of TGS went to support their neighborhood.

If you live in Tower Grove South and would like to receive training in Court Advocacy and Neighborhood Impact Statements, please email: