Tower Grove Better Block Was a Huge Success But What's Next?

It was estimated over 400 people attended the Tower Grove Better Block event last Saturday, May 10 on the 3200 block of Morganford.  Bands played, a juggler juggled, vendors sold arts and crafts and even dogs were adopted.  It was a great community gathering event and it accomplished the goal of showing what underutilized buildings and a vacant lot could become with a little imagination and money.  It also showed what life could be like on Morganford with less parking, slower traffic and more cafe seating.  After the event, like most Better Block programs throughout the country, the area cleared out and cleaned up.   TGNCDC is committed to helping figure out what is next for the buildings and lot and what can be done in terms of capital improvements for the street long term. TGNCDC has already connected two interested parties with the building owners and we plan to do more.  If you have ideas for these buildings and the lot, please let us know.  Below is the sale and lease information including contact information.

3201 Morgnaford for lease FOR SALE 3227 - 3229 Morganford 3223 Morganford SaleSpecs

Take a look at the River Front Times Slide Show here:

TGNCDC looks forward to continued dialogue on how streetscape improvements could be completed permanently.