Regal 3 (Klemm/Shaw) Facade/Exterior to be Transformed, Renamed Shaw Market

4100 Shaw The owner, Mike Jabbar, of the Regal 3 building, in partnership with Alderman Conway and the Saint Louis Development Corporation, is working to enhance the facade and surrounding concrete/sidewalks of the property located at 4200 Shaw. The building improvements include fresh paint, new storefront windows, new awning, new doors, new sidewalks, new lighting, etc. The capital improvements will provide an inviting entry to the corner store. The store will be renamed Shaw Market.

Berhe, Regal 3 owner, is also participating in the healthy corner store program through the City of St. Louis/UMSL ( He is providing more health conscious purchase options and educational information about nutrition.   He is also working with a fresh produce provider from Soulard Market and now sells soy and almond milk. While the store's exterior needs enhancement, the interior is always clean, organized, and well stocked. Berhe is a passionate, gregarious, and helpful owner. Please show your support of the capital improvement investment by shopping at the store.

The Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation facilitated the facade improvements by working closely with all parties involved. The facade work supports our effort to enhance and improve Shaw Blvd as the gateway to the Shaw neighborhood. Please see our previous blog post at for more information about our comprehensive Shaw Blvd Improvement Action Plan. Work on the Regal 3 facade is slated to start next week.