The Continued Strength of the Shaw Housing Market Attracts Multiple New Developments

Over the years, SNHC has developed relationships with some of the best developers in the area.  As a neighborhood organization who has facilitated development in Shaw for over 30 years, we are proud to announce multiple new developments of "for sale" properties.  These projects  were made possible, in part, by the work of SNHC, CDA (Community Development Administration) and the support of Alderman Stephen Conway.  Some projects include the last of the LRA (Land Reutilization Authority/CDA) owned residential development opportunities (buildings) in Shaw.  This is a significant accomplishment for our neighborhood and our organization.  Below are some current projects in Shaw. 4006 Shenandoah Current

4006 Shenandoah- Foca Development is converting this long vacant and abandoned LRA owned 2 family building into a large, single family property. The price is to be determined.  Please contact Foca at or (314) 898-2531 for more information.

4008 Shenandoah Current

4008 Shenandoah-  Aspirent Properties purchased this building out of foreclosure and updated/renovated the property over the past several months.  The price of the home is $239,900 and it is on the market.  Please contact Jenifer Garcia at for showing information.  The property is 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  Here is a link to the property:

4136-38 Flad Ave Before

4136 Flad Current

4136 Flad-  This new construction project on the 4100 block of Flad is a welcome addition to the vacant lot and  "leaning Tower of Shaw" which once occupied the site.  David Baca and his family are building the home for themselves with UIC (Urban Improvement Construction handling the construction.

4274 Flad Before

4274 Flad Current

4274 Flad-  With the work and support of Alderman Conway and CDA (Community Development Administration), the previous home at 4274 Flad, which was in unstable condition, was purchased and demolished.  Paramount Construction constructed the new home on the site for the Toussaint family who relocated from the east coast.

4014 Russell Before

4014 Russell Current

4014 Russell-  Simone Taffa (developer) is renovating this large and beautiful 2 family property into a single family home.  The home will boast about 2800 sq. ft of living space.  The home  includes floor to ceiling doors on the second floor in addition to many other historic features.  The property was once considered the worst property in Shaw due to the overgrown walls, dilapidated concrete block front porch and crumbling brick work.  This will be a great addition to the 4000 block of Russell.  Please contact Demi Beys at for more information.

4008 Castleman Before

4008 Castleman Current

4008 Castleman-  Renovations Unlimited is finishing this 3600 sq. ft. home which is located close to St. Margaret of Scotland School.  The building was vacant and abandoned for almost a decade.  The building will be on the market in Spring.  The price range will be around $315,000-325,000.  Please contact Christy Vogel from Circa Realty at

4022 Castleman Current

4022 Castleman-  Foca Properties has started demo on this soon to be 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home.  This is the last vacant and abandoned property on the 4000 block of Castleman.  Three years ago this block had 5 vacant buildings.  The 4000 Castleman was previously considered to be one of the last blocks in Shaw in need of revitalization/stabilization and now is considered one of the best.  Please contact Foca at or 314 898 2531.

4217 Russell Before

4217 Russell Current

4217 Russell-  Novus Real Estate is renovating this long vacant and abandoned house which was embroiled in multiple lawsuits over the years.  Alderman Conway was instrumental in acquiring the property and promoting the renovation.  The building will be a renovated into a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home.  It is around 2600 sq. ft and will be priced in the mid to upper 200,000s.  The home will be completed within a few months.  Grand Home Solutions ( the contractor for the project.

3625 Russell Current 3625 Russell Current

3625 Russell- Carriage House Partners is developing the project with Grand Home Solutions as the General Contractor.  The home is large in scale and has wonderful historic features.  It will be listed around May and be priced around $340,000.  Please contact Christy Vogal with Circa Properties at for more information.

Other upcoming developments include 4247-49 Russell (two townhomes), 4066 Russell (two proposals submitted and being reviewed by SLDC) and the 4100 block on Detonty (14 vacant lots available with two proposals submitted and being reviewed by CDA).

Thanks to all the developers who invest in Shaw and the City of St. Louis!