Salamah's Market, at 3901 Shaw, is Closed

Shaw Theater Building

3901 Shaw Salamah's MarketSalamah's Building (AKA Shaw Place Theater) (3901 Shaw/1819 Thurman)-  Alderman Conway lead the effort to buy the building from the previous owner.  The operation is now closed.    The building is 7500 sq. ft.  and the LRA owned properties behind the building could be used for parking.   Below is more info on the history of the building:

The Shaw Theatre opened in 1915 as part of the Arthur Theatres chain (Franchon & Marco) and seated 1,140. Located in the Shaw neighborhood just six blocks from the Botanical Gardens. A single floor theatre with and plain front. Rather large lobby for a small neighborhood theatre.

Located right on the corner of Shaw Avenue and S. 39th Street in the middle of the neighborhood shopping center it was rather unique in that it was built up from the street level and you had to climb about five steps to get to the entrance level. The marquee was made to stretch around the corner so that one side was on S. 39th Street and the other on Shaw Avenue. The theatre gave way to television in 1957 and was converted to a drug store, today operating as a supermarket.