TGNCDC-Rubicon Progress on Two New Construction, Affordable Homes in Tower Grove South

The Tower Grove Neighborhoods Framework and Vision plan, sponsored by  Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation  (TGNCDC), identified South Tower Grove South (south of McDonald) as an area of focus to improve housing quality and to enhance the residential market.  Tower Grove Neighborhood CDC targeted long vacant lots owned by the City of Saint Louis for new, infill construction.   TGNCDC and Rubicon Development partnered on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded projects and construction started last month.  The 3504 S. Spring home is tentatively priced at $155,000 and will be about 1350 sq.ft.  The 3884 Fairview home is tentatively priced at $135,000 and will be about 1200 sq. ft.  Income restrictions are 120% to Area Median Income (AMI) or $56,300 for a single person household and $80,500 for a 4 person household.  For more information, please contact Haylay at  The completed homes will bring new stakeholders to the street and neighborhood, reduce Saint Louis City's real estate inventory and add to the tax base of the city over time.  TGNCDC looks forward to completing more projects in the near future. 3884 Fairview

3504 S. Spring

3504 S Spring 15' wide brochure Model (1)