Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC Buys 3600 Bamberger Considered "Worst" Building on the Block , Starts Efforts to Rebuild the "Wedge"

3600 Bamberger Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC (TGNCDC) purchased 3600 Bamberger to take the lead in redeveloping  the "Wedge" in South Tower Grove South.  Through the neighborhood analysis completed in the Tower Grove Neighborhoods Framework and Vision plan (final version will be released in a few weeks), TGNCDC  identified the area called the "Wedge," located South of Gravois, North of Chippewa and West of South Grand, for increased efforts focused on revitalizing and stabilizing this part of the neighborhood.  3600 Bamberger was an obvious target for acquisition given its high profile corner location and 117 calls for service over the last 3 years including 4 "shots fired" incidents in the last 4 weeks.

The "Wedge" should be a desirable place to live because of it's proximity to shopping, restaurants, South Grand commercial district, transit and other amenities.  The block is intact and has appealing architecture.  There are dedicated property owners and tenants who want to live in and be surrounded by quality housing.  They also deserve to live in a clean and safe environment.  TGNCDC, along with Alderwoman Green, NSO Judy Lane and other city departments, are dedicated to bringing this part of our great city back online as a viable place to reside.

Before Clean Up Efforts

After Clean Up Efforts

In addition to purchasing and develop housing(market rate and affordable), TGNCDC will also help train landlords and screen tenants, help with clean up and beautification efforts, and help address crime and safety issues.  TGNCDC will act as a neighborhood resource center to market the area, attract public and private investments and provide confidence to other developers/investors who are interested in reclaiming the area.  We are also interested in starting the conversations about creating a historic district to attract more investment.

A community open house meeting, with other community partners, is in the works to collect more feedback from area residents on programs they want implemented and to discuss work already initiated.